About us


About us

The team of Polyteco specializes on developing professional software products and consists of the best graduates, post-graduates and talented professors of National Technical University of Ukraine 'Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute' (below – KPI), one of the Europe's largest tech universities.

The University is well known way beyond Ukraine as one of the best educational institutions preparing high-quality tech experts particularly in software development. The demand for its graduates in world's biggest IT companies proves that. For instance, almost 500 Igor Sikorsky KPI alumnus are now employed by Microsoft alone.

Polyteco is capable of developing highly efficient and innovative IT-projects that allow solving managerial and organizational business tasks of any complexity. That is possible thanks to deep fundamental theoretical knowledge and solid practical experience of our employees available to us.

Our people are our core asset. Our additional advantage is a use of cutting-edge development technologies that allow us to minimize the time of bringing product to complete readiness, optimize its development costs along with minimization of deployment risks.

You can always get professional help at Polyteco in developing an IT strategy or design a cutting-edge software as well as tasks on deployment and support of existing products.

Polyteco team prepares and delivers high-quality complex and integrated software products worldwide. We gladly cooperate with companies of different scale from various fields.