Data Security Consulting

From security of data to security of business

Press reports on the attempts of hacking in information systems of this or that company, which became more frequent in recent times, must make every manager think about security of IT infrastructure of the company he's in charge with.

The Polyteco team may become your reliable consultant on data security and protect your information resources against external and internal attempts of compromising them. The Data Security Consulting service includes implementation of comprehensive protection of integrity, accessibility, and confidentiality of all technical and administrative data.

Professional theoretical training of Polyteco experts and practical experience in corporate security sphere allow us to make objective assessment of information security at your company and take the necessary preventive protection and proactive measures (for example, emergency restoration of a system).

After comprehensive analysis of IT infrastructure and determining the risk of data loss or damage, Polyteco experts will develop, as part of the Data Security Consulting service, recommendations and an action plan to improve your existing security system. New systems will be implemented without disrupting continuity of your business or affecting your productivity.

Comprehensive protection of corporate information security systems means availability and functioning of firewalls, reliable data encryption, network infrastructure security, user access management, etc.