Optimization of public administration using IТ

There is not a single sector left which doesn't need information technologies. Lately, not only commercial organizations but also government agencies and institutions began devoting more attention to development and implementation of software products.

Technical innovations are intended to improve efficiency and effectiveness of public administration and reduce administrative expenses through automation of most management processes and implementation of advanced communication systems.

We at Polyteco offer specialized solutions in Government sphere, designed to handle a number of administrative tasks:

simplification of public administration control (the 'government – government' model);

optimization and standardization of government business processes (the 'government – public servants' system);

simplification of communication between bodies of public administration and businesses (the 'government – business' model);

providing the public with means of electronic communication with public officials and expand their self-service capabilities (the 'government – citizens' model).

IT technologies which help create single information medium and simplify handling of numerous bureaucratic tasks must receive universal use to help modernize the system of public administration. Realizing the efficiency of electronic systems that help substantially reduce administrative expenses and make the administrative process more transparent, government agencies in many countries supported the idea of creating the e-government.

We at Polyteco accept individual orders for development of software architecture in the Government sphere for the variety of tasks.